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beneath my feet

beneath my feet entry from me-liza gilani

clicked at north east india….I was trying to figure out my shadow which got blended with water,stones and leaves that were beneath me


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ALLAHABAD DIARIES…bringing up some captured scenes

dont be afraid…. try!

yeah its really true many  times in life we try figuring out things wat its correct for us,but this permutation and combination of selection and rejection is part of process .mostly ppl suggest to figure out wat u want and not wats not,but thats not easy m suggesting you to try everything ,wether good or bad,beautiful or ugly why to  repent for wrong selections ,we are human beings and we tend to do mistakes,and mind it our mistakes help us organise our life in better ways than our perfection do. so friends also experience those things which u think are not meant for u…they will definitely help u noe ur trueself,help u evolve and exemplify…i tried doodling but i failed thousand times and i noe ,my hands are not meant for doodling but it made me realise that i mite be good at something other and yes here m , posting my blogs ,my mind and dats me and it makes me trying out something like doodling which is not for me help me noe wat m not good at !.so try guys ,u will fail and definitely learn wat are u good at,and even ur bad experiences would be gud for others.u cant be perfect at first stroke….so try dont be afraid of trying.

5 hackers for newly weds!

1) organise  your bills of purchased items,electricity,telephone,etc bills.keep files for different categories of bills.

2) save time by putting your clothes for laundry during night,and then go for cooking job,by the time u have finished your cooking job your linen will be u have done two things simultaneously.

3) buy all your groceries in one go on a nice sunday morning togeder with your better-half.try to categorise things and put them in containers accordingly,maintain a diary and write all u have in different containers.

4)when u dont have sufficient space in cuppboard ,dont give more than week requirement of your clothes for iron,becoz eventually they cant be maintained for long.

5) make a schedule for every day  and every month ,wat all u have to complete.this will really help specially for office goers as we tend to forget things,a small wat to do diary makes ur remind all our leftover duties.

An evening in parlour !!

I was rushing out of time ,when my face reminded of my parlour visit,since I had not much time ,I just went to one which was very nearby to my upcoming destination.I simply stepped in and rushed into it,”can i get eyebrows and upper-lips done within an hour with a face cleansing package”?the deadpan infront of me just nodded ,and went inside.I looked around and the parlour appeared satisfactory to me,within  5 minutes these  face  designer ladies put me on a comfortable bed and the procedure started,they introduced me with rica wax for upper-lips.

rica wax is the better way to get rid of your unwanted hair growth its advantages are :-

  • 98% Natural ingredients
  • Colophony FREE, no petroleum oils
  • Superior hair gripping strength on the actual hair, not skin
  • Use 50% less wax than other waxes and increases spa profits
  • Safe to re-wax same area

yeah ! this wax  works wonderfully and it  takes out every bit of the growth.Then they cleansed my face with gel,cleanser ,pearl powder,sara and  shehnaaz product and few key ingredients of the saloon as well…and the magic worked and left me mesmerised  and satisfied! The whole experience of cleansing and massage left me rejuvenated and refreshed after a long time and for a long time.I was feeling tired,lost and lazy and my sleeps were also turning futile ,but this parlour experience acted like a petrol station for an almost empty car!I must say going every month to parlour rejuvenates our body ,mind and soul.

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say hello !! to olive oil

It was almost like I started to skip meals,and was very worried with my changing heating habits .I was trying to figure out causatives of my gastric issues which were pining up on daily basis ,my upset stomach and burning sensation throughout  almost most of the way of oesophagus.I do spend quality time on internet and spiritually do search for healthy habits irrespective of my practical ignorance of them ,but thankfully following one them helped me ,my switching over to olive oil from refine have been fruitful to my ” not so healthy “body.It have been almost 5-6 months that I have been using olive oil for cooking purposes but my gastric problems,those burning sensations have vanished like nothing ever happened and yeah! I do feel more confident about my health now.olive oil also has many types but on broader level they are of two kind,virgin and pure virgin,the latter is recommended for salad dressing but with big pockets one can surely afford it since any day it would be cheaper than those of the prime factors of our degrading health is our lifestyle which makes us stick to single chair and other is our imbalanced hormones which rises with the kind of food we intake,the main threat rises from oily food since they contain oil!so why not shift our base to stronger foundation ?why not make our weakness into one big strength,use olive oil they are 5-6 times costlier but its like using led lights which are long term investment,olive oil can actually help in making your body strong and are surely like long term investment plan for our health like one of those health plans we do take,and it hardly do have any drawbacks.its not just an oil but a medicine which will make you fight from serious problems like cancer.its good for health,makes immune system stronger and nourishes your body with nutrients.according to some  latest studies

The researchers, nutritional scientist Paul Breslin (Rutgers University), biologist David Foster (Hunter College) and chemist Onica LeGendre (Hunter College) discovered in a lab study that the ingredient, called oleocanthal, causes a rupture of a part of the cancerous cell which releases enzymes and causes cell death, without harming healthy cells. In this way, cancer cells are killed by their own enzymes.

“Oleocanthal is a name for a chemical in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) that means ‘Stinging Oil Aldehyde’,” Paul Breslin told Olive Oil Times. “It is made by the olive when it is crushed to make the pulp from which the oil is pressed.”

“There are many compounds in EVOO that have a 6-carbon ring structure on them and collectively they are known as phenolics,” Breslin added. “These compounds are collectively good anti-oxidants preventing oxygen pore-radicals from forming and they also tend to be anti-inflammatory. Oleocanthal has been shown to interfere with processes associated with many types of inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer formation and growth.”

The researchers discovered that oleocanthal caused cancer cells to break down and die very quickly; within 30 minutes, instead of the 16 to 24 hours it takes for programmed cell death, known as apoptosis.

(ref :

An artist’s comeback!

My last visit to IHC on 5th of march ,2015 was for my registration work at coa office but something just hit  me as I was about to leave  the place with my friend.painting by Amole palekar!.WOW….I never knew that golmaal(original) actor is  a painter too,for few minutes in my mind I was figuring out whether m placing the correct person or may be my knowledge of artists around might be quite weak.Anyways I stepped in with not so much interested friend in the exhibition,and yes I was correct he was the same Amole palekar originally a sir jj college of arts alumni whose passion for art was once glorified on canvas and later he grew as an actor on 3d-canvas.He specialises in abstract painting and to my surprise the artist was also at the site.His choice of colours with the themes were so apt and sometimes we just need to look over them seriously,afterall abstract paitings are not much difficult for art lovers to comprehend.Anyways IHC as always never let my leave it without fetching something interesting and the actors presence and his paintings juts made my day!

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