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review of movies I have watched in the past week…can be of any era

bravo bravo !!

well, the movie starts with a new kind of starter…applauds….very appealing.very precisely would give 4 star …excellent screen play,excellent acting by the lead and all other imtiaz patent actors,the only fault lies in the subject ,which has been told,and retold ample no of times,unfortunately the subject needs lot of work to be done,it has been put on the screen with way back research already done,so we want something new atleast this is wat expected out of imtiaz direction,although the movie intrigues through out 2 and a half hour but subject need to be more researched ,infact a lot researched……we are not happy until we are what we are!…but it been told in three idiots and many other previous movies…the way subject has been presented is no doubt flawless….but philosophical growth is certainly required in the subject .



movie link

Excellent plot…..yet to be discovered more.The movie simply lies on one statement – we  should value what we have and look at those who dont even have that much.

“har kisiko muqammal jahan nahi milta..

kisi ko zameen to kisio ko aasmaan nahi milta”

true words by late mirza ghalib ji.

we are materialistic people ,entagnled in our whims and fantasies.

we start looking for new desires once our older desire get is precious…value with what u have and be thankful to god for being generous .Dont spoil life for one  missing thing..since it is comprises of many and all cant be present every time.

5/5 …just for the plot,good direction and very well done by nawazuddin.

SELFIE-short movie

one of the best I  have come across !! the plot of the story is “common man” and what all he goes through his daily routine.A strong message have been delivered-we know ourselves better than others and we should select ourselves than the rest as   who we are makes us strong and confident rather  than what other think we are.people tend to hide themselves behind make-up,branded clothes and other outer accessories ,but our inner-self is our true-self,no Armani and gucci can help us being a good might make us appear presentable but thats the outer layer .we should have self-respect and be confident about our personality irrespective how other treat or think about us, because we know ourselves the most.5/5 *****……excellent plot,excellent direction.7.04 minutes of movie describes out decades of years passed.

FREEDOM-short movie by manoj bajpai

Up to my expectations!…manoj bajpai is a good actor and I was expecting a really good piece of work from him .He and raveena tandon both have  justified thier roles.In short the plot was new-i.e freedom that we have almost forgotten and have started taking for granted! I was very much moved with the chemistry of the couple as well.well directed and well written.the movie is capable of gathering a broad spectrum of viewers from logical to purely entertainment seeker.the movie sends a strong message on the upcoming occasion of independence day  that freedom should be celebrated everyday and we should feel fortunate and thankful for being part of a independent nation,this actually motivates us to work towards the progress of our nation collectively ..4/5 stars-very fresh subject,nicely directed with all right amount of emotions and situations incorporated as ingredients to give out a captivating work of art.the movie will keep u glued rom starting till the end.great job done!


ITS MY TURN -shortfilm on sexual harrasment by JMI ,college students

storyline-the movie deals with the subject of  sexual harassment,where the student is a victim and the teacher is the culprit.the only good credit about it is it shows very realistic situations ,how a girl suffers from harassment,but apart from that everything else is very weak ,be it storyline(excluding the plot),acting of the cast and direction too.even after having a substantial plot ,the movie lacks the ability of intriguing viewers,or pass a sensible massage.many things have gone missing….my ration —-somewhere half a star for just efforts by the students.


That Day After Everyday on contemporary issue eve teasing directed by Anurag Kashyap

The movie is an answer to all those bastards and male chauvinist think,that women are objects to play or tease, dont treat them the way  they want themselves to be treated and all those who want their wives,daughters or sister to sit back and rely on them for every thing since they cant make them fell protective  and cant let them be self-dependent and be the person they are or think women are just meant  for domestic chaos .anyhow coming to the crux-story of three friends who faced eve teasing and instead of escaping the culprits they faced the situation and fought back-with a bang bang!!! its must watch for all women ,who think they are weak and all men who think women are weak.nicely compiled emotions,expression and situation.last but not the least-its the actors who made it appear like  a small incident and not a short movie.

the link takes u to the  movie –

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