My last visit to IHC on 5th of march ,2015 was for my registration work at coa office but something just hit  me as I was about to leave  the place with my friend.painting by Amole palekar!.WOW….I never knew that golmaal(original) actor is  a painter too,for few minutes in my mind I was figuring out whether m placing the correct person or may be my knowledge of artists around might be quite weak.Anyways I stepped in with not so much interested friend in the exhibition,and yes I was correct he was the same Amole palekar originally a sir jj college of arts alumni whose passion for art was once glorified on canvas and later he grew as an actor on 3d-canvas.He specialises in abstract painting and to my surprise the artist was also at the site.His choice of colours with the themes were so apt and sometimes we just need to look over them seriously,afterall abstract paitings are not much difficult for art lovers to comprehend.Anyways IHC as always never let my leave it without fetching something interesting and the actors presence and his paintings juts made my day!