Up to my expectations!…manoj bajpai is a good actor and I was expecting a really good piece of work from him .He and raveena tandon both have  justified thier roles.In short the plot was new-i.e freedom that we have almost forgotten and have started taking for granted! I was very much moved with the chemistry of the couple as well.well directed and well written.the movie is capable of gathering a broad spectrum of viewers from logical to purely entertainment seeker.the movie sends a strong message on the upcoming occasion of independence day  that freedom should be celebrated everyday and we should feel fortunate and thankful for being part of a independent nation,this actually motivates us to work towards the progress of our nation collectively ..4/5 stars-very fresh subject,nicely directed with all right amount of emotions and situations incorporated as ingredients to give out a captivating work of art.the movie will keep u glued rom starting till the end.great job done!