with growing urbanism,needs of the people have also grown up.specifying the cultural pattern of city-delhi,people here shop and shop and shop.thats the one and only term they identify with leisure activity.chandnichowk is one such shopping hub specially for all weddings belonging either to lower-middle class janakpuri or high profile sainik farm families.with so much history lying beneath the layers of chandni chowk,it has been standing tall,but fragile.as time has passed by and due to our very ignorant government,the essence of chandni chowk architecture and its importance has been taken for granted.no conservation,no maintenance has built the culturally invaluable asset to shacks.one can easily observe the almost about to crack columns and the negligibly strong steel sections holding up the whole burden of load of a full storey over it.it seems apart from that section everything else can comedown any moment.but unaware of its structure pathetic condition,many people come and shop here without knowing that the authorities cant be trusted at all.unfortunately all the plans and conceptual work has already been done and displayed by the appointed architect in 2013 ,but the government has been  postponing the whole redevelopment plan since-8-10 years when it was first assigned to the architect.it appears to me like a case in supreme court demanding its verdict.

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