yeah its really true many  times in life we try figuring out things wat its correct for us,but this permutation and combination of selection and rejection is part of process .mostly ppl suggest to figure out wat u want and not wats not,but thats not easy m suggesting you to try everything ,wether good or bad,beautiful or ugly why to  repent for wrong selections ,we are human beings and we tend to do mistakes,and mind it our mistakes help us organise our life in better ways than our perfection do. so friends also experience those things which u think are not meant for u…they will definitely help u noe ur trueself,help u evolve and exemplify…i tried doodling but i failed thousand times and i noe ,my hands are not meant for doodling but it made me realise that i mite be good at something other and yes here m , posting my blogs ,my mind and dats me and it makes me trying out something like doodling which is not for me help me noe wat m not good at !.so try guys ,u will fail and definitely learn wat are u good at,and even ur bad experiences would be gud for others.u cant be perfect at first stroke….so try dont be afraid of trying.