1) organise  your bills of purchased items,electricity,telephone,etc bills.keep files for different categories of bills.

2) save time by putting your clothes for laundry during night,and then go for cooking job,by the time u have finished your cooking job your linen will be done.so u have done two things simultaneously.

3) buy all your groceries in one go on a nice sunday morning togeder with your better-half.try to categorise things and put them in containers accordingly,maintain a diary and write all u have in different containers.

4)when u dont have sufficient space in cuppboard ,dont give more than week requirement of your clothes for iron,becoz eventually they cant be maintained for long.

5) make a schedule for every day  and every month ,wat all u have to complete.this will really help specially for office goers as we tend to forget things,a small wat to do diary makes ur remind all our leftover duties.