I was rushing out of time ,when my face reminded of my parlour visit,since I had not much time ,I just went to one which was very nearby to my upcoming destination.I simply stepped in and rushed into it,”can i get eyebrows and upper-lips done within an hour with a face cleansing package”?the deadpan infront of me just nodded ,and went inside.I looked around and the parlour appeared satisfactory to me,within  5 minutes these  face  designer ladies put me on a comfortable bed and the procedure started,they introduced me with rica wax for upper-lips.

rica wax is the better way to get rid of your unwanted hair growth its advantages are :-

  • 98% Natural ingredients
  • Colophony FREE, no petroleum oils
  • Superior hair gripping strength on the actual hair, not skin
  • Use 50% less wax than other waxes and increases spa profits
  • Safe to re-wax same area

yeah ! this wax  works wonderfully and it  takes out every bit of the growth.Then they cleansed my face with gel,cleanser ,pearl powder,sara and  shehnaaz product and few key ingredients of the saloon as well…and the magic worked and left me mesmerised  and satisfied! The whole experience of cleansing and massage left me rejuvenated and refreshed after a long time and for a long time.I was feeling tired,lost and lazy and my sleeps were also turning futile ,but this parlour experience acted like a petrol station for an almost empty car!I must say going every month to parlour rejuvenates our body ,mind and soul.